Photographing Adorable Dachshunds

Photographing Dachshunds in Melbourne

With names like Kransky and Heinz, we knew we were in for a fun filled shoot!  Meet these adorable Dachshunds and their fur parents.


Kransky 2.5 years and Heinz (7 months, silver dapple)  are Mini Dachshunds with a whole lot of spunk!


Check out some of our favourites from this session full of style and action!  Yes this session included Dogs on skateboards!!


Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Dogs with Skateboard

Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Dogs on skateboards - Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Dogs on skateboards - Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Dogs in Action - Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne


We had a fantastic afternoon photographing them in and around their local park doing all the things they love to do as a family.  Skating, running and just hanging out.

What a fun filled session this was!  Knowing a bit about what your hobbies are and the styles you like, can real bring a photo session to life.  


Jesse and Kerrie chose a large canvas collage for their home to celebrate just how much Heinz and Kransky mean to them. 

Not shy of a bit of colour in their home, they choose a collage design with lots of punch!  It looks amazing, see below!  


Dachshunds Melbourne

Thank you for your kind words Jesse,  we loved meeting your family!


A collection of their favourite images resulted in a colourful piece of art work that will last. Our canvas having a 75 year guarantee, ensures you will never forget the important moments.


Dogs in Melbourne - Photographing Dachshunds Melbourne

   We love creating photographs that really pop, that celebrate your own style and individuality.

If this sounds like you, let us create something unique for your family!


A photo session at PAWtraits of pets and their People is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon celebrating and creating memories you will never forget.

Call us today 9482 2006 to talk more about what we can create for you!!


Prefer to Fill out our contact form and we call you over the next few days for a friendly chat about having your adorable Pet Photographed! That’s fine too!

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Special Valentine’s Day offer – PAWtraits

Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, it’s almost upon us.

It’s a day renowned for celebrating ‘romantic love’, with a focus on new couples sharing gifts of chocolates, roses and stuffed toys.

However at PAWtraits, we believe the most important thing to celebrate is LOVE itself, meaning all the love in your life, in whatever form that it comes in.


Here’s love we think is particularly worth celebrating  (that you probably won’t see advertised in your local jewellery catalogue):

Celebrate our faithful fuzzy friend/s

Whether furry, fuzzy, feathered or scaled, pets can be our most faithful friends and companions including them will make this valentines extra special.

So here are a few ideas of just how to celebrate the day?

Love my dog photo

Take the whole family to the beach!

Dog in love

A bit of camping or glamping could be just perfect!

Relaxing bath

Sharing a relaxing bubble bath!

Hiking trip

Hiking trip?  Is that really her/his thing? Hmmm!


How about just spending the day outdoors together!

Cuddles and kisses

Remember don’t hold back the affection!

A GIFT from the heart could be just what your loved one wants!

How about you show your love with flowers?



 or ….

Sugary Sweets

some sugary sweet goodness!

The Purrrfect Gift is from PAWtraits

Spoil yourself and/or the ones you love!


We believe that the purrrfect Gift this Valentine Day is a one of our gift certificates.

We can create a unique portrait of you and your loved ones, something that will make you the envy of others!

You can purchase these online via our parent company Lifeworks Photography!

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A special Valentine’s Day offer by PAWtraits and Lifeworks Photography

Valentine’s Day is a chance to reflect on the loves in your life and what they mean to you.

We think these special moments are worth capturing as memories that will last forever.

Don’t delay, do it today as NO-ONE likes to be in the DOG HOUSE !


However you do decide to spend this Valentines Day, we hope you have a fantastic one!

Love from the PAWtraits team!

Julie & Tracy


Epson VPPY Awards

2015 Epson VPPY Awards 

AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Photography Awards 2015.


I received my Print Awards folders back with all the bling!

…..a nice mixture of Furry, Feathered (hehe)
and Human in this years haul!

VPPY Awards 2015

Best Friends Pets and their People 2014

Our Book, 12 months of energy, long days, late nights editing, awesome photo shoots and so many wonderful Pets and their People rolled into one PAWsome book!!
FINALIST in the VIC Professional Photography Awards!!! Top 3……yey!!!


VPPY Print Awards

Ollie keeping an eye on us!

We were photographing his neighbour “Scrappy” at the time, I turned around to see this…

Ollie wanted to join in the fun!…… soon after he did have his turn in the limelight….

but this is one of my all time favourites those big chocolate paws and soulful eye.


VPPY Print Awards


I was photographing a Horse this day and the resident farmer appeared with his pet python…

What a great subject hey!  He was wearing his usual farm work clothes, self accessorised with beard plaits and his Sheriff badge,

he also just happened to have the fabulous old truck nearby….

so glad he obliged for the photo!


VPPY Print Awards

3 Little Indians

We had loads of fun photographing these 3 siblings,

the oldest sister knew we had the feathered head dresses and was desperate to wear them!

Right at the end we took this photo and it is a magnificent large Canvas on their wall.

The memory of the day makes me smile.


VPPY Print Awards

“Aura” – One of the sweetest dogs ever!

“Aura” is Tracy’s housemates dog, and one of the sweetest dogs ever!

What’s not to love about that gorgeous ball of white fluff!

On her Best Friends session, she was on her usual best behaviour, saying a friendly hello to every other dog on the park,

just at the end as we were walking back to the cars these clouds came over….awesome!

Just love the juxtaposition of Aura’s soft white fur with the jagged rocks and the storm brewing clouds…

not to mention her proud stance and “I’m keeping an eye on you look”!


VPPY Print Awards

Treasured Memories of a Loved One

One of my clients of over 10 years has always loved a portrait I took of my Grandmother to celebrate her 100th Birthday,

incorporating some history of her life as well as a recent portrait.

This portrait is made up of 9 different images,

my clients Grandmother, sipping tea from her favourite red cup,

her mothers vase, the home she grew up in, the street sign of where she lived,

her wedding photo, her siblings in a photo of 80+ years ago,

her wonderful hands that have touched so many lives in a beautiful way over the years.

It is beautifully framed in my clients library and Grandma has her own copy to enjoy.


Butter wouldn’t even melt in my mouth!

We had this canvas on the easel in our Studio before our client collected it,

it was incredible how many adults and children outstretched their hands to pat him…

the portrait is so life-like, such a beautiful puppy!!

He has grown quite a bit since we took this!!VPPY Print Awards 

Unconditional Love

We were photographing Dudley for our Best Friends, Pets and their People book, Dudley is an Assistance dog. On lead he was on duty, off lead he bounded around like a puppy, playful and energetic for his 11 years. I didn’t even realise I had taken this image until later, it stopped my heart when I saw it……it sums up Dudley, no matter what he is doing, that look of intensity, alertness, responsibility and loyal readiness to be by his owners side is written all over his handsome face.

VPPY Print Awards

Untitled for Now … Watch this space!

This one is a secret…”out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire” is all I will say for now! LOVE it!!



Wow, what a fantastic result!

Just a bit of  “Bling” awarded to Julie this year……

Can’t wait to see what National awards will bring.