Photographing all pet types!

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YES – All pet types!


We welcome all pets, not just dogs!

We find that dogs are the most regular pets we are requested to photograph, but in saying that we photograph all pets types.

We adore all animals and feel that they all have a large impact on our lives. We treasure that just as you do.

So no matter if your pet is feathered, furry or even scaly!
We would love to meet and photograph them.


Parrots - PAWtraits Pet photography Melbourne
Look at their colours absolutely stunning. Photographed in our Outdoor studio based in Northcote, Melbourne.
Guinea Pigs - PAWtraits, Pet Photography Melbourne
These two are so adorable and they were so perfectly behaved when they visited our studio!
All pet types - PAWtraits Pet Photography Melbourne
Dogs and Rats can be Best of Friends, what a treat it was getting to know these 5! Our outdoor studio was the perfect location for this pet combination!
How many members make up your family?
Pets and Humans included, of course!
We would love to meet all of them!
Rabbit - PAWtraits Pet Photography - Melbourne
Quality time with Rusty the rabbit, photographed at the owner’s home.
All pet types - Cats
Look at these two! They have matching eyes, Adorable!
All pet types - Chook
Sass the chook loves his cuddles with his best friend, taken in the owner’s backyard.
All pet types - Turtles
What cool little dudes! Was a delight to have these Ninja’s feature in our 2014 pet book.


Donkey - Pets of all types
Three wise boys and their donkey!
If you have a large pet, a number of and/or variety of pets,
it is usually best we come to your home.

Imagine trying to round them all up and getting them in the car,

especially if there are sheep, snakes and horses involved!

Sheep - PAWtraits Pet Photography Melbourne
Larry the lamb turned into a sheep!
Pony - Pets of all types
A stunning day out on the farm.
Documentary style - PAWtraits Pet Photography Melbourne
Have lots of animals? Maybe a documentary style shoot would suit you best?


If your pet/s like to get out and explore new surroundings, we welcome that.

Be that at a favourite Location or maybe you would like to visit our Studio’s in Northcote.


Outdoor studio

Specifically designed and created for photography, our outdoor photography studio is constantly growing and changing with the seasons.

Our unique backdrops are well suited to animals which prefer a more secure outdoor space.  It was created with toddlers, children and families in mind, so it is a very versatile space.

Weather permitting, our outdoor studio is fantastic for something a bit different, and has natural light.


All pet types - Cats
These two lovely ladies are super stars! Photographed in our outdoor studio based in Northcote, Melbourne.
All pet types - Snakes
Yes, we even photograph SNAKES! Photographed in our indoor studio based in Northcote, Melbourne.

Indoor studio

Our indoor photography studio is fitted with the highest quality lighting equipment, multiple backdrops and seasonal climate control making it perfect for photo sessions of smaller animals.

PAWtrait’s Photography Studio is located in a residential street with no parking restrictions out front and is within close walking distance to ‘Fairfield’ Train Station.



Cat - All pet types
Bella is the sweetest, she just melted our hearts! Photographed in our indoor studio based in Northcote, Melbourne.
Dalmatian Puppy - PAWtraits Pet Photography Melbourne
Puppies are the cutest, sometimes a secure space is best when photographing, as training may have just begun. Photographed in our indoor studio based in Northcote, Melbourne.
cat and blue tongue lizard - All pet types
All types of pets are welcome. Even blue tongue lizards!!
Cats and Children, PAWtraits Pet Photography Melbourne
Five children and two cats, We love a challenge! Actually these children are fantastic to photograph. Photographed in our indoor studio based in Northcote, Melbourne.
Boxers - PAWtraits Pet Photography Melbourne
Of course we love dogs, they are always fun to photograph. We find parks are great as well as our outdoor studio.

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Photographing all pet types!