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Shoot location really depends on you, your pet/s, children and what kind of images you would like.
If adults and pet/s, the session can be almost anywhere as long as it is possible and suits the pet/s temperament and breed. When children are involved, some younger children are restricted by what they are able to do and seem more relaxed here at the studio. Older children are a little bit more flexible and depending on what your family would like, we will choose together a location with that in mind.  We have both an indoor and outdoor (fenced) studio based in Northcote as well as a range of local parks that are fantastic to photograph in. If you have somewhere special in mind, please discuss it with us as we are happy to travel to you within Melbourne metro area.  If you are a bit out of Melbourne, a travel charge will apply to cover additional time, you may like to see if some other friends in the area are interested, we could plan a day in your area and you could split travel fees.

It varies according to what images you would like how many pets
and  people are involved.

Usually between 45 mins – 1.5  hours.

We find for pets and younger children (under 6), short and sweet is best, ideally under 1 hour.
We make this shoot as fun and as memorable as possible so there will be laughter and silliness!

Definitely yourselves and your pet!

If you have any props that may add to the photo shoot, please bring those along, we are open to all ideas and happy to discuss and design something extraordinary for you!

We do ask if your pet has a favourite toy, or likes special treats, we ask you to bring these along.

If you want to dress your pet up in any outfits you may have, bring these too.  If small children are also involved in this shoot we do ask you bring a small healthy snack and a drink for them just in case.

We find that if a child is hungry or thirsty, they are not at their best. If out on location please arrive ready to be photographed. If we are photographing at the studio, we do have facilities for you and your family to get changed if need be.

Of course the session isn’t just all about your pet/s, having photos taken of yourself, your fur babies and your family will make your shoot even more special. We love to celebrate the relationships between Pets and their People.
Ensuring yourselves and your pet/s look the best possible goes without saying!.
How to get the best out of your pet!
Your pet may need to have a brush, be washed, trimmed or clipped, this will enhance getting the best end result.
Try to have all your pets preparation done at least a day or two before. We don’t want your pet too exhausted to smile during the photo session.
You and your family:
Getting children’s hair trimmed before the shoot is likely to be on your to do list.
Do this quite a few days before the shoot is advisable. With children’s hair cuts we find that sometimes a new cut needs a few days to settle in.
You may like to go to the hair dressers prior to the photo session,  we suggest that if you are doing this closer to the shoot date maybe hold off on that dramatic new cut and go with the wash and blow wave option from your trusted local hairdresser instead.
We suggest doing makeup yourself as you usually would, all purchased images are retouched by our in-house experts.
Have hair and make up done prior to arriving at the shoot, we find you will look and feel fantastic and be more relaxed during your session.
If you never wear make-up, then al-la natural is perfect also…be yourself!
Clothing suggestions:

Wear clothes you feel great in! It is that easy. If you love to dress up we can do a fabulously “fancy” portrait for you, if you are casual, trendy, classic or eclectic, we can do something PAWsome to suit your style. Choose colours that don’t blend with your pets colouring, for eg. try to avoid all black if your dog is black. If there is more than one person being photographed with your pet/s, choose clothing for everyone that co-ordinates well and looks great together, avoiding a mix-match of patterns and colours is advisable. “Keep it simple” is a great motto to go by. As we are often in Parks and feet will be in the shot, consider shoe choice and sock colours, footwear you can easily walk in, that you like the look of and will be happy with in your photos.

 We always have our fingers and toes crossed that for the hour of the shoot

 the rain will stop, and so far this seems to have worked.

Of the 120 PAWtrait Sessions we did in 2014

only 1 was rescheduled due to Bad weather and a few rained just before

shooting commenced and straight after, but never during.

Many of your animals will be photographed in an outdoor setting,

so we are always considering the weather and best lighting times.

Being based in Melbourne (known for four season in one day),

we understand that changes in weather can mean a shoot needs to be rescheduled or relocated.

If the weather is forecast to be temperamental on the day of your shoot,

we will touch base with you, to discuss what you would prefer to do.


Like the weather there are certain things that can not be predicted,

we understand this at PAWtraits and try to be as accommodating as possible.

We appreciate as much advance notice as is possible.

Multiple rescheduling will result in an additional session fee.


Yes we do!  

We have a great range of packages which have been very popular with our Pet families. Prints packages start from $750, we find most people tend to bundle prints together, the more purchase, the more you save. Our wall prints start at $750 up to high hundreds for large sizes, we have canvas or mounted print options and stunning personalised Albums showcasing the images from the session.

Images are available to view approximately 3-10 days after your shoot.
Print orders take approximately 3 – 4 weeks, depending on size and complexity.
Framing, Canvas and Albums usually take an additional 1-2 weeks.
 Having a great range of products, we find we have something to suit everyone’s tastes.
Some families spend a few hundreds, others spend a few thousand. It is entirely up to you.

To give you a quick overview of our pricing:

Photo sessions – range from $100 to $155
Print Packages – start from $750
Wall portraits start at $750 up to high hundreds for larger size
Digital files options start from $890
Please view our product page for more details and examples of these.

Session fee/Participation fee is required to be paid before your shoot, when booking your session time.
Print order – 75% deposit required to begin your order.
Print order collection – Balance to be paid on collection of prints.
Payment methods – Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Bank deposit.
We also offer a lay-by system and are happy to discuss this option with you.

We have evenings each week available for your viewing/purchasing appointment.

please ask, these vary.

Unfortunately Viewing/Purchasing appointment cannot be on weekends.

Saturdays are our busiest days and we are always out photographing.

We are closed Sunday.

Viewing/purchasing appointments are available anytime during the week by appointment. (normal business hours).

Yes you can, 

When purchasing one of our packages, we have options of either High res (printable) gift sized files or social media files.

Of course we do,

There are a few places to view our latest work both here on our website and our PAWtrait’s facebook page.

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