Where to catch Action shots of Dogs

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Wondering where to catch Action shots of dogs in Melbourne?

At PAWtrait’s we know of some great spots to get amazing Action shots of dogs, we have some a few favourites parks we use regularly.

So if you adore your pooch to bits? Love the energy of your dog, but struggle to get a great action shot yourself?

Want to be in some of the images interacting with your dog in a natural fun way?

This is exactly why Donna decided to book her photo shoot with us at PAWtrait’s Photography and it was such a blast!

Ned was one of our very memorable PAWTraits Book 3 shoots! Ned is a Spoodle, (Spaniel cross Poodle) he is 3 years old and he is a very well trained dog. Donna spends a lot of time with Ned perfecting his skills and obedience and is super proud of him. The love they have for each other is obvious to anyone. Ned arrived straight from the groomer (and an hours drive away) looking all spruced up, fluffy and very handsome.

Action shots of Dogs

Action shots of Dogs

About the session from Donna – Ned’s Owner

“I had been thinking about having a photo shoot done with Ned for some time. When I looked into it I found multiple photographers that did photo shoots with dogs but I found it near impossible to get a real concept of what a photo shoot would cost and what I would be expected to pay for any selected photographs.
An advertisement for PAWtraits with the fixed price photo shoot for the book appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. I thought this was an ideal way for me to have a photo shoot done with the added bonus of the book and at the same time look at what I would be expecting to pay for any selected photographs.
Having this photo shoot done with Ned is one of the best things I have done. I adore Ned and I wanted to have high quality photos of him now while he is still a young dog and in his prime. I wanted photos that depicted the true him…running and jumping and being energetic and excited and at the same time I wanted photos that captured the connection between us and photos that showed off just how beautiful he is and highlighted his gorgeous eyes. I got all of that and more. When I first viewed the photographs I sobbed through the whole viewing because seeing how the photos told his story and displayed my gorgeous boy so beautifully just filled me with emotion. I couldn’t have imagined how beautiful the selected pieces I purchased would look in my home. I not only got beautiful photos of Ned but I also got lovely artwork for my walls.
I would confidently recommend PAWtraits to any dedicated dog owner who would love to have beautiful, quality photographs of their beloved dog/s that truly capture their personality and their beauty. The photographs that were taken were just sensational in terms of quality and variety. Julie and Tracy are fantastic to work with and so helpful in terms of photo and product selections. The products I selected look amazing in my home and I could not be happier.”
Donna Parkinson

Best Dog Photography - Melbourne

Best Dog Photography - Melbourne

We had caught lots of action photos of Ned showing off his attentive, obedient, sweet and devoted nature with Donna, performing his jumps, runs, fetches, returning to her and sitting patiently for his rewards.

We moved to a new spot in the park and had just taken this stunning portrait of Donna and Ned on the log, which is proudly hanging as a magnificent framed art piece in her home, when he decided the duck pond nearby looked extremely inviting and deciding he’d worked up a thirst, and needed cooling down, so without a moments hesitation took off and dived right in!

The joy (the uh-oh what have I done expression) the splashing and shaking, the running back in and coming out dripping in green slime and Donna’s mortified face was priceless!  Ned loved it and went back for more and between fits of giggles we kept shooting. Poor Donna, she kept apologising that Ned had ruined our photos! Quite to the contrary…this was priceless, we loved it!

Action shots of Dogs

Eventually, with a little treat persuasion, we moved the shaggy slimed pup to a cleaner water hole where he enjoyed himself even more and cleaned up for his travels home!

Imagine the stink for an hour or so of slimy duck pond dog!

Our favourite pic?………bedraggled Ned! Taken in the car park as we were saying our goodbyes with the biggest smiles on our faces 


Moral to the story: Capture the Action…All of it, it tells the personality of the Dog. You can’t keep a water loving dog dry!

Wet Dog Photos


How awesome is this! Sent through from Ned’s “fur mumma” Donna after collecting her book. Great photos Donna!

PAWtraits Pet Book

I wanted to say a big thank you and well done on the book. It is amazing and Peter commented on the great quality of it just as I did when I saw it.

It is on the coffee table and I am looking forward to others seeing it and getting a surprise when they get to “Ned’s” pages.



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Where to catch Action shots of Dogs