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Digital files & Photo Prints

It’s no secret that we are the most photographed generation. In today’s day and age with current technology, photographs are becoming so disposable, within an instant we have clicked a button on our phone and sent a Snapchat, or taken 15 variations of the same image just to ensure we have got “The Shot” and upload it straight to Facebook.  Done and Dusted right? Why would you need more than ‘JUST the Digital files’? 


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Due to this instant upload. We are no longer taking the time to appreciate what we are capturing, or thinking about the images we are taking because we have no limits anymore, we can delete and retake as many times as we like. With the continuous clicking comes the death of printing and the reality that we could be left with no photographs to pass on in years to come.


One of the most common questions we get asked is how much for “just” the digital files?

This is an important question as we all want the files just for the peace of mind of having them, the what if? factor.


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We understand this, we all have this fear of missing out! 

We believe deeply that there is a place for digital files in today’s society.  We also understand the importance of taking the time to have quality photos taken and printed, be that as prints, on canvas, wood or our luxury Acrylic wall art. So we provide you with both!  With every PAWtraits product purchased, we include a High-resolution Digital file for you to keep and some of our packages include all digital files.


Consider this:


When you walk into a restaurant do you ask for the ingredients in a bag at the counter (no instructions) and then have to go home and figure it out yourself?



NO WAY! You go to the restaurant for not just the base ingredients but the whole experience, the chef’s skills and expertise, the service provided, the experience of it all being done for you especially of course not having to worry about the dishes afterward. You understand you can’t create the same dish as a highly skilled chef and it’s not just the dish you are paying for when you choose to dine out.


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So when visiting a professional photographer why is it that many think that the base ingredients (digital files) is all that you need.  The files are just one of the ingredients that make up your finished portraits. You  choose to hire a photographer for their skills and expertise. Expertise in posing, specialised retouching, colour management as well as providing high quality products and a memorable experience.


PAWtraits Photographic Products


Amazing Portraits take time and skill – it is more than just a push of a button. 


Digital file vs Final Portrait


Digital files aren’t just a cheap option, as without the professional photographers expertise that file would not have been created. Then without their advanced knowledge, a RAW file will not become the amazing piece of artwork you desire. 


Digital file vs Final Portrait


As professionals photographers, we understand that life is busy and that is why we believe in our services so much.  Having your family including your pets professionally photographed not only gives you beautiful photographs that you will have forever but it also takes the stress off you having to go and get these images printed yourself.


There are many reasons why we don’t get around to printing images,

but do these reasons serve you long term?  


We all dread the thought of losing a phone with so many treasured memories on it, or a hard drive failing so why are we not printing these images and displaying them in our homes?


Do you find yourself time poor? Just never get around to it?


Something else is always more urgent so you put it off time and time again. 


Is it because next time you might get a better photo? Is there always someone not looking at the camera, when you try to wrangle the family for a photo?


You understand there is a difference in quality from print labs, buy you’rer unsure where to get quality prints from? 


Leave it to us! You will be thankful you you did!


PAWtraits Digital vs Print


A quality finished photo of loved ones, be that your pet or family is creating your legacy, a portrait to look at for years to come. The emotion and memories that resurface connect you time and time again with those within the imagery (even after they are gone). We believe photos filled with love and laughter are what make a house really feel like a home.


Invest in quality today, you will thank yourself in the future. 


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