Pop of colour – Spring is here!

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YAY SPRING is here!

What a glorious time of year!

Yes it been a cold and wet winter, and we are always excited when spring finally arrives in Melbourne.  Without winter we wouldn’t get to appreciate the magic of the seasons.


Spring PAWtraits


You may have noticed that in the last few weeks the sun starts to set slightly later and the nights are not so cool, making walking the dog after work even more enjoyable. The sun has been leaving us with breathtaking sights, a plethora of amazing colours. Not only are sunsets breathtaking they are great for silhouette shots with our pets we love so much.




We love creating stunning and simple imagery that just pops!

Ask us about our Sunset sessions, we can create something amazing for you that will look stunning on our NEW ACRYLIC PRODUCTS! Our Acrylic wall portraits and block packages are breathtaking!

Feeling inspired by spring and the beauty of your natural surroundings.  Plants are budding and flowering, filling our parks and nature strips with pops of colour.



pug love


Our local parklands in Darebin are filled with an abundance of beautiful wattleseed, gorgeous vibrant yellow!

Over the next few weeks more flowers will bloom and we will discover more colours.  Pinks,  purples, whites and blues are just a few of the colours that we would like to incorporated more into our next sessions, do you have a favourite spot you would love to have a location session.

What colour created by nature would make your pet shine!


With all this talk about colour it has made me think about the general colour scheme most Melbournians wear!! Yes I’m referring to the base of neutral/natural colour tones we all wear.  We all have multiple garments in 50 shades of black. lol.  We tend to bring a pop of individualism or personality to our outfit with a single brightly coloured garment or accessory for that pop of colour.  This concept works well when photographing pets too.

We regularly suggest you bring along things like a colourful bandana (if they suit your pet’s personality) this brings in a pop of colour that just looks terrific.


Cat crown


Colour can be used simply or it can be all about the vibrance of colours!

Dog with petals


The use of bright colours can be controlled.  Let us know how much you would love to include and we’ll create a PAWtrait you will treasure for all time.

Most pets – dogs especially love being immersed in nature, so our outdoor studio (secure/fenced area) and the local parklands are great for this.

Spring pops of colour are natures gifts to us and we can’t wait to utilise these as much as we can.




Keen to say goodbye dreary weather and enjoy a Spring inspired session!!

Call us today on 9482 2006 or fill out the link below and we will get in touch to organise you session shortly.



We are over 3/4 of the way through photographing our 3rd PAWtraits book and are just loving meeting and photographing all those involved, humans and furry animals alike (even a few hairless creatures).

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Pop of colour – Spring is here!