Small dog breeds

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They maybe small in stature… but they are all big at heart!


We have met, photographed and of course fallen head over heels for these smaller dogs. We love that both they and their owners are now part of our PAWtrait’s family.

  It’s always amazing to meet a new breed, there are so many different breeds of dogs.
Here are a few of the small dog breeds we have photographed recently!


Every dog we photograph is different and each takes a liking to different noises we make, treats or squeaky toys we always have on hand.

Dogs just like humans get sick of the same joke or noise over and over so we love to mix it up a bit.

So yes, it is very likely that you will find what we get up to during a session hilarious and your pet may think we are a little crazy!

Many dogs become Tracy’s friend very quickly,  she would say it’s because she is an animal person through and through but it may have lots to do with the treats in her pockets!

If you have an animal of any sort and would love some beautifully crafted portraits of them, please call us today,  we are currently on the look out for more pets for our latest project.

For more information visit our Project page.

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Small dog breeds