What type of Pet session suits my PET/S best?

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Did you just read the title of this post and think, what do you mean there are different types of Pet sessions? Many animal owners don’t think there are, but ….

YES there are. 

PAWtraits Pet Photography Sessions are designed with YOU and YOUR PET specifically in mind and of course HOW YOU WANT YOUR PET and YOURSELF to be PHOTOGRAPHED. 

We create WHAT YOU WANT in a fun, fast paced but easygoing atmosphere.  YES, you will laugh a lot when you are photographed by us.

Session information

Multiple things determine what type of session will suit you best, most important is, how you want your pet to be photographed. What do we need to consider to make it happen.

  • Style and traits you want captured,
  • Capabilities of those involved,
  • Location, 
  • Light required (time of day),
  • Think of an End result

Over the next few months I am going to show session types by doing a feature story on real clients, real sessions and why this session suited each of them for different reasons. I’m excited, hope you are too.

TODAY, Lets start with what suits you and your pet best!

What exact personality traits of your pet do you want captured!

Is your pet fast and highly active?

DogsinAction PAWtraits

Full of love and personality!

Personality Plus - PAWtraits


What style of imagery are you attracted to the most? Unsure what I mean by this?

Every image you look at creates a feeling within us, what images do you love and why?

Is it the connection?

The simplicity?

The natural feel?

Do you prefer certain angles over others?

Consider the capabilities of all involved in the shoot (pets and humans) Type of animal and their abilities, consider your pets training including commands and recall skills, socialisation skills. The age and fitness abilities of those involved in the session. Your pet session can include the whole family, as a general rule younger children are best photographed in the morning.

Girl with Dog - PAWtraits

If your dog is not the most confident, or easily distracted in wide open spaces with other animals, then an off lead dog park is not going to suit, we want you and your pet to get the most out of your session and have fun doing it, so we need to look at something more private but still accessible. Like our outdoor studio. beautifully designed with photography in mind, it is fully fenced and secure.


Location options, Session locations really dictate the feel and style of your session, so what is the end result you would prefer?

Indoor studio session – Clean, simple, beautiful controlled light, very much about the dogs’ natural beauty and appearance, a studio shoot has limited space, so lots of movement and action portraits are better outdoors. In the studio can use simple props to bring difference and individuality to the portraits.

Indoor Studio PAWtraits


Outdoors studio session, secure, beautifully designed with photography in mind. Our Outdoor studio has multiple backdrops, lots of natural rustic tones and a range of plants that change and flower with the seasons.


Outdoor studio PAWtraits


On location sessions include but are not limited to – beach, park, gardens, city streets/alleys, farms, wineries, breweries. We love going out on location and have done some amazing session at all these location and more.

*Additional fees may occur to travel to and from locations and gardens may not be animal-friendly or require permits, so a bit of research is often required before deciding on a location.


Location Session PAWtraits


Time of day (yes light matters a lot in photography) so depending on where you want to be photographed, will depend on when the session can be. Sunset session are held early evening. As photographers, we are always looking at the light. We love all types of light but a consistent, soft diffused light is most usable, not bright sunshine with harsh shadows.


Sunset PAWtraits


and last but not least think about the end result:

What finished products suit your family and your home?

Is it a stunning wall portrait (canvas,  framed or Acrylic), a beautiful boxed collection of unique portraits (10,15,20), or a custom designed 11×14 fine art album that has your favourite 20 – 40 images in it.

If you have an idea of how you would like your finished portraits displayed, we can make sure we focus on capturing exactly what you want.

Products - PAWtraits Pet Photography

Every photographer has their own shooting style (us included), at PAWtraits we are all about what you want so we can create what you will love and adore for all time, so by showing us a range of images that you love prior to the shoot can help us to ensure you get the most from your session.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful. We love what we do and want to provide those who love and appreciate their pets, with a legacy of Portraits to remember them for all time.  As there is no promise of tomorrow, we believe it important to not put it off any longer. Book your session today.

Want to book a fun packed session, CALL US TODAY on 03 9482 2006!


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What type of Pet session suits my PET/S best?