How having Pets benefits your child

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Benefits of having pets!

Having a pet in the home benefits the whole family, children especially!

Children love their pets and for good reason.  No matter the size of the animal all pets teach, delight and offer a special type of connection and companionship.  Having a pet fosters skills in a child go far beyond just responsibility and empathy,  the presence of animals in the home help with a child’s emotional, social, physical development and cognitive development.

Here at PAWtraits, we love capturing the connection and pure joy that animals bring to our lives.

Benefits of having pets!

Last month we were delighted to photograph this little girl and her puppy Milo,  the connection and admiration they had for one and other was just the sweetest.

Milo is a chocolate coloured Lagotto, his best friend is a beautiful, intelligent 4 year old.

Due to the young age of both,  our outdoor studio was a perfect fit for these two to have a bit of fun and adventure.  It’s secure location and purposefully designed for photography, everywhere you look a new location (backdrop) that makes it perfect for playing games.

CHild with dog collage

Animals just like children can get bored easily so we always keep our shoots fast, fun, filled with laughter and silliness. Both child and puppy loved the peek a boo game!!

A fun session brings out the best of those involved, genuine smiles, moments are what we are all about, that’s why we work as a pair (Julie and myself), this we believe creates a relaxed atmosphere, creates great connections with both animals and children.  Most the time they forget they are being photographed and just feel like the session is a great big game or adventure.  Catching natural moments in our beautifully designed Outdoor Studio space is what we love doing.

Girl with her dog


We love Milo’s gentle nature and the way he interacts with us. He is so gentle and placid at home and super playful and friendly out of home. He loves everyone and every dog. We also adore his curly coat, beautiful eyes, chocolate nose and pink tongue 🙂 Lara.


Girl with dog

To be able to create portraits for families like this ones, that they will cherish for years to come is something that makes our heart sing.

A pet’s ( in this case – Milo the Dog)  impact on ours and our children/s lives are so significant that having it captured in a photograph is truly magical. We believe that having your children (all loved ones, young and old) photographed regularly, being surrounded by photographs in their home is something that strengthens one’s self-worth, confidence and sense of belonging.

What can I say… I am obsessed with our beautiful photos!!!!! I really can’t get over how beautifully they were composed, how they captured my daughter and my puppies expressions and the production of them. Tracy and Julie have every detail covered, down to reminder phone calls and emails with all the information I could need. Even when it seemed that my wayward pup would sabotage every photo Julie and Tracy came up with the goods! Thanks for everything, we adore our precious memories that you have helped create and capture. -Lara

Thank you, Lara, for choosing PAWtraits as your photographers, we loved meeting you and loved every minute of capturing your gorgeous daughter and Milo playing together.  Looking forward to meeting your husband at the next session, family portrait update is on the cards I believe.


In love with these portraits? Thinking a Photographic Session in our outdoor studio would suit your family (fur children included)?

We would love to speak to you in detail about it so we can plan your shoot around your wants and your children and pets personalities.


Call 03 9482 2006 to speak to Julie or Tracy today.

If you’re not already following PAWtraits on our Instagram and facebook, I encourage you to do so, it is the best way to see our recent sessions and give you a great idea on where your session could take place and what type of session captures your animals in at their best.




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Yes we have been photographing people for many years, our parent company Lifeworks Photography has been around for 25 years!!

@pawtrait_petphotography takes the most gorgeous photos of you and your pet, and donates the sitting fee to charities! Julie and Tracy are beautiful examples of #consciousambition in action, living their passions, talent and hard earned skill and making the world better as they go.  To date they have donated over $26,000 to charities!  We are in love with our #photos – thanks so much! -Lara

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