Dogs in Action – Australian Shepherds

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Action packed Photo Sessions!!!

Julie and myself were lucky enough to meet and photograph a beautiful soul – Pradiksha last month.

Priddy and her two tri coloured Australian Shepherds were just a delight.  Zola (4 years) and Gunner (9 years)  were full of energy, ball and frisbee obsessed dogs.  After speaking with Pradiksha about what her dogs mean to her, what their individual personalities are like and what would be the ultimate portrait session that represents them as the great friends they are.

So we made sure that their photo session was all about this.


 “My dogs are my best friends and companions, They are extremely smart and love playing, soaring in the air to nab a frisbee, overcoming obstacles to chase a ball. They are brave adventurers and give the best cuddles.” Pradiksha


Dogs in Action

Just 5 minutes from our Northcote studio is Darebin Parklands, beautifully designed with lots of areas just fantastic for photographing dogs and families of all sizes.

Australian Shepard's Fun

As you can see, a blast was had by all involved (including ourselves).

Julie spent a lot of time lying in the grass on her stomach (camera in hand of course) with myself throwing balls right at her, followed by Zola and Gunner running at her at full speed.

Julie showed she has nerves of steel time and time again!!  Especially because it was me throwing the balls at her and at times my sense of direction can be lets just say not the most accurate lol.

Thank you again Pradiksha for choosing us as your photographers and we were absolutely touched by your kind words about just how much you loved your Wall Canvas and Folio Box of Portraits of Zola, Gunner and yourself.

My puppies and I had such fun doing an outdoor shoot with Julie and Tracy. The pictures were stunning, and I found myself laughing and tearing up at various times during the viewing – the emotion and energy that Julie captured in the shots was honest and so lifelike. I couldn’t stop beaming after getting the prints! Thank you ladies for immortalising my babies for me 🙂 Pradiksha

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Dogs in Action – Australian Shepherds