Celebrating the launch of PAWtrait’s Pet Book #2 ! Sunday, July 31st

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PAWtrait's Pet Book 2

PAWtrait’s Pet Book #2


PAWtrait’s of Pets and their people Book #2

We were blessed with weather beyond our hopes last Sunday, it was glorious!!! 

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our 2nd Book, supporting 2 extraordinary charities.

Over 100 people and more than 200 much loved pets feature in our 128 page Coffee table book.

We have loads of gorgeous dogs, some mysterious cats, some cuddly bunnies, a python, rooster, alpacas, horses and even Dingo’s!

It was fabulous having both charities represented at the Book launch and so many participants and their beautiful pets!!

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Two of the most amazing women I have met along the way,  Kristal & Mandy from New Beginnings Animal Rescue’s,  who’s devotion to rehoming elderly, unwanted and rescued pets is so filled with love, care and massive Vet bills.

It is wonderful to know that our $4,000 donation to them helps them to continue their amazing work. 

125_Book Launch_310716_-0104

Richard Lord, “Top Dog” at Assistance Dogs Australia  came down from Sydney and trainer Yvonne with little, assistance puppy Kev in training who stole the show, it was so awesome to have them there. They manage and run the training of these incredible dogs to be the “hands” of people with disability, whether it be from birth or an accident and also those with Autism, PSD and Dementia to name but a few.

With every dog taking 2 years to train and costing $30,000+, our donation of $4,000 will help a puppy a little along it’s way.

125_Book Launch_310716_-0086

Thank you to A1Bakery in Fairfield, given the BBQ’s didn’t work it was a good call to have catering delivered…..and it was delish!

The Cheese cake factory must have done a great job, I am so glad that huge slab of chocolate mud cake is gone, now I don’t have to eat it all!

125_Book Launch_310716_-0113

Awesome to have Manny along with his “pup cakes” @ Luna’s Cucina & Collars, they looked amazing! Human grade he told me……anyone game? lol


We had 4 legged friends of all shapes and sizes, all Party animals of course, not a bad word barked amongst them…….even a Dingo came along and howled on queue as the group photo was happening  and a pup wearing Go-pro to capture the pawsome action!

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Brooke and Millie couldn’t resist the Puppy in training…little Kev….at 11 weeks…..so adorable!

125_Book Launch_310716_-0027 125_Book Launch_310716_-0012

So much love enclosed between those covers! and so much excitement to look inside……once you arrived at the front of the queue…..hehehe

125_Book Launch_310716_-0123

You are all PAWsome and we are very grateful.

Thank you for getting involved!!!

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Celebrating the launch of PAWtrait’s Pet Book #2 !   Sunday, July 31st